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Sonography Impact Awards

Recognizing the hard work and dedication of sonographers.

Thank you for participating in nominations for the 2023 Sonography Impact Awards!

Sonographers are at the heart of patient care, working tirelessly each day to capture highly technical images while putting patients at ease. We want to help recognize the hard work and dedication of sonographers, who each deserve to be celebrated and appreciated!

Recipients receive a $250 digital gift card award of their preference from a selection of over 200+ popular retailers, restaurants, and service providers.

Award Categories

Team Player

The Team Player award recognizes a sonographer who demonstrates outstanding teamwork skills and collaboration, and consistently uplifts their peers.

Inspiring Leader

The Inspiring Leader award recognizes a sonographer who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, vision, and the ability to inspire and guide their colleagues towards excellence.

Community Advocate

The Community Advocate award recognizes a compassionate sonographer who goes above and beyond to serve their community and exemplifies the true spirit of giving back.

Selection Committee

Derek DellaVecchia


Priya Patel


Jeanne S

Nasrin Benion


Jeanne Sottile


Terms and Eligibility

Nominees must reside in the United States and be a current, or former, licensed sonographer. A nominee may be nominated for more than one category. Nominators can submit more than one nomination for different nominees. Nominations may be submitted by peers, community members, or employers, and self-nominations are accepted. Nominations must be completed through the nomination form before the submission deadline of October 20th, 2023. Award recipients who are prohibited from retaining the monetary value of the award can either donate it to a charitable cause of their choice, or decline it.