General Ultrasound Reporting Software

Create a Better View of Your Ultrasounds

Visualize what clearer reporting could do for your diagnostic and interventional ultrasound workflows.

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The Advantage of Reporting Software for General Ultrasound Workflows

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Enhance your capabilities

Ultrasound reporting is a vital tool for imaging-focused departments. Replace manual processes and enhance your capabilities with innovative reporting solutions tailored for you.

Directly integrate and dictate with your general ultrasound systems

Connect and send reports to your information systems, and directly integrate with your voice recognition system to dictate impressions and finalize your reports.

Reference and query your database

Reference historic and educational data for reporting comparisons, database queries, quality management, accreditation, and more.

Leverage customized templates for general ultrasound reporting

Create and save templates (such as abdominal, aortic, renal, pelvis, and more) customized to your requirements with comments, impressions, recommendations, and consultation letters.


AS Software Ultrasound Solutions Information

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Cooper University Hospital

“The software is extremely user friendly and has many options for different user preferences.”

Hackensack Meridian Health

I highly recommend AS to anyone looking for an efficient, user-friendly system with outstanding support.