Ultrasound Image Sharing

Give Expecting Mothers Sonograms that Last Forever

Share high-resolution ultrasound images with your patients, instantly and securely.

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Share high-quality sonogram images in real-time with My Ultrasound Images

For your patients, each sonogram is more than a scan: It’s a rare opportunity to bond with their unborn child. Help them capture the memory of that special experience with My Ultrasound Images, a seamless image sharing solution from AS Software, the trusted leader in ultrasound workflow automation.

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Modern Image Sharing

Set your Practice Apart

My Ultrasound Images is flexible, convenient and intuitive for patients. Market your modernized solutions to new patients, and further increase awareness with custom branding options.

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Enhance the Patient Experience

Expectant mothers can easily save and share sonograms through messaging apps, email and social media, preserving memories and ensuring the security of their images.


Associates in Advanced Maternal Fetal Medicine

“If you’re looking for the best image sharing solution, look no further. It’s a marketing must-have for any ultrasound center. The program allows families to view beautiful images of their unborn child minutes after having their ultrasound performed.”

My Ultrasound Images for MFM and OB/GYN Providers

Send up to 10 sonogram images per visit directly to your patient, easily and securely.

Streamline Your Workflow

When paired with AS Software’s ultrasound reporting software, the solution eliminates the need for multiple technologies, providing a single, affordable solution for ultrasound workflow automation.

Share Directly from Your Modality

My Ultrasound Images is compatible with any DICOM-enabled ultrasound machine.

Reduce Reliance on Physical Media

Save time and money by accessing and sharing sonogram images digitally, rather than on thermal paper or CD.

Ensure Compliance and Security

Patient Image Sharing offers secure image sharing, ensuring patient privacy and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

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