MFM and OB-GYN Ultrasound Reporting Software

A Connected Approach to Women’s Health Reporting

Innovative reporting and image management to carry you through each stage of your collaborative OB-GYN and MFM workflows.

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Case Studies

Perinatal Associates of New Mexico Decreases Ultrasound Documentation Time 

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Track and document quickly and accurately within your EHR and medical imaging ecosystem

Perinatologists and gynecologic and obstetric experts leverage the vital information ultrasound imaging provides for prenatal care, gynecology examinations, genetic counseling, and fetal diagnosis. Better capture and organize that information for skilled interpretation with AS Software reporting.

Adaptable to fit your needs

Configure default values and define your standard terminology throughout the system, define protocols for normal and abnormal findings, automatically generate impressions, and more.

Quality you can depend on

Seamlessly integrate with all healthcare information systems to exchange reliable data across your platforms, so your entire team can remain focused on delivering complete and dedicated care for women’s health.

Technology to optimize your productivity

Bridge the gap between complex workflows and imaging systems. AS Software doesn’t require physicians and teams to change the way you work — providing more customized control of your high-volume needs and care coordination.

Structured template solutions for detailed reporting in women’s health

Utilize custom templates created for your women’s health practice, such as OB history, OB ultrasound, non stress test, fetal echo, female pelvis, follicles, MFM consult, and more to fit your OB-GYN and MFM needs.

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The Perinatal Group

“The system has a very easy statistical reports feature that has allowed us to track our growth over time. That feature would also be very helpful with conducting research and has allowed easy reporting to AIUM and NTQR. The ability to post process measurements and add or delete annotations is a very convenient tool.”

“The sonographers in our practice especially like the easy data entry and simple editing features which help keep our ultrasound department operating efficiently. They are also able to quickly review their images and make additional edits from the image gallery before submitting the study to the reading physician.”