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Tips for Sonographers: Having Confidence and Fulfillment in your Career  

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A more streamlined approach to clinician workflows

Improve productivity and automate manual tasks with a purpose-built, customized platform.

Take a deeper look at your clinical specialty

Women’s Health

Optimal solutions in women’s health tailored for maternal-fetal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology. Learn More

General Ultrasound

Innovative reporting strategies for enhanced ultrasound workflows. Learn More


Advanced capabilities for complex vascular needs. Learn More

For Physicians

Make confident decisions with accuracy

Finding more time to nurture patient relationships and increase your work-life balance can feel like an impossible task with your caseload.


We help by simplifying charting and billing, and delivering the data structure and reporting efficiency your team needs to work confidently and diagnose accurately within your medical imaging ecosystem — creating more time to focus on patient experiences you’re proud of.


Clinical Ultrasound Director Nasrin Benion Shares Her Love of AS Software

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Our dedication is to your success

Enhance clinician workflows, productivity, and coordination across your team.

Scalable for your organization

Fit for small to mid-sized practices and labs, multi-site facilities, large health systems, and complex enterprises.

Focused on key specialties within diagnostic imaging

Made with your clinical workflows in mind to enhance care across women’s health, general ultrasound, and vascular specialties.

Einstein Healthcare Network

Without this program the time required for documentation and appropriate billing would be significantly increased and we would not be able to care for all our patients.

“The AS System is an integral part of how we provide care today and into the future.”