HL7 Detailed Financial Transaction (DFT) Interface

Accelerate Your Billing with Outbound Charge Capture

Transform ultrasound billing efficiency in EHR systems with the advanced HL7 DFT Interface from AS Software. By automating the capture and forwarding of details from ultrasound studies, you can simplify charge reconciliation and get paid faster.

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DFT Interfaces: Financial Efficiency in Healthcare Operations with Detailed Financial Transaction Technology

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How it works

Streamline ultrasound billing automation for enhanced efficiency

Real-time capture

Billing codes are captured instantly as services are documented in the AS platform.

Seamless transmission

Codes are transmitted directly to your EHR’s billing system via an HL7 DFT feed.

Automated charge population

Charges are automatically populated and verified within your EHR, ensuring no billable service is missed.

Efficient data exchange

Detailed billing information flows seamlessly from your scheduler to your charge processor for immediate action.

Take control of your ultrasound billing process

Streamline your billing and ensure every charge is captured accurately at the time of diagnosis. Tailored for ultrasound practices, our Outbound Billing Charge Capture module automates and enhances your billing operations, saving you time and reducing errors.

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Auto-Drop and Auto-Capture

Automate coding processes

Effortlessly capture ICD-10 and CPT codes in real-time, eliminating manual entry and minimizing errors for accurate and compliant billing.

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Unlock the benefits of outbound billing charge capture

Boost your billing accuracy

Automated processes mean no missed charges or discrepancies, ensuring accurate billing every time.

Enhance operational efficiency

Reduce the time between service delivery and charge capture, improving overall efficiency.

Maximize revenue potential

Ensure every service rendered is billed appropriately, maximizing your revenue.

Stay compliant

Maintain high levels of compliance with the latest billing codes and regulations, giving you peace of mind.

Accelerate your ultrasound billing