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Ultrasound Reporting Software

Bring Structure to Your Ultrasound Framework

Better decisions, made faster. Save valuable time and effort while empowering your team to focus on patient care with advanced ultrasound reporting software solutions.


Demo: Ultrasound Reporting

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Fewer clicks — more structured data

Build a professional, customized, and complete report with the detailed documentation you need.

Efficiently capture ultrasound information to create comprehensive reports

High-quality structured reporting should work for you and with you. AS Software delivers the data structure and confidence your team needs to work quickly and diagnose accurately — adapting to your unique needs and workflows.

Robust functionality meets standardization

Gather and organize more information within one streamlined, integrated application.

Cloud environment, no VPN needed

Accessible from anywhere, anytime. Just launch the web application.

Guided auto-fill

Unlimited customization ensures speed, accuracy, and standardized information and terminology throughout the entire system.

Built-in templates

Document with the level of detail that fits your clinical specialty.

Comprehensive studies and data

Reference historical information, embed graphs and images, analyze and extract data, and more.

Intuitive reporting technology for streamlined operations

Reduce the potential for human errors.

Automate manual and time-consuming tasks.

Increase referrals and reimbursements.

Great Plains

“It is easy to move from the current study to prior reports to compare measurements or look up prior findings. It is easy to go back and forth from the images to report page. The image storage is really great, too–measurements and annotations can be made right on the images if the Dr wants to measure or note something that the sonographer did not.”

Mount Sinai

“The AS System has turned the task of creating a report into an effortless task, where a few keystrokes are often all that is necessary to complete the job.”