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Sonography Impact Award Winners 2023

Jenna Perhacs


Team Player Winner

“She is always there for her patients. A team player and very caring person.”

“She is kind, a team player and so so so incredibly smart!”

“She’s such an amazing person, there aren’t enough ways to tell her.”

“She has the best personality, she knows exactly how to treat each and every patient with care and compassion. Truly the best!”

Roy Armand


Inspiring Leader Winner

“Even though his schedule was very busy, he would take his time to teach everything he could.”

“I will never forget his kindness and generosity.”

“He’s an exemplary leader and a mentor to so many people.”

“He taught me to be a better person. I learned how to pass on skills to my students and younger colleagues from him.”

Hayley Bartkus


Community Advocate Winner

“She is shaping the next generation of sonographers and patient care.”

“Hayley is a resolute and enthusiastic advocate for marginalized communities, patient access to equitable healthcare, and mental health for both patients and healthcare workers.”

“She embodies the true spirit of giving back, and making a lasting and positive impact on the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.”

Congratulations to the 2023 winners!