The Power of Automated Reporting for Revenue Optimization

Learn how a leading children’s hospital integrated smarter ultrasound reporting with Epic to reduce errors and improve revenue.

The sonographers and physicians in the MFM and OB/GYN division used to spend countless hours switching between GE ViewPoint and Epic for manual data input. Now, an integration between AS Software and Epic enables the team to reduce billing errors, input information more consistently, and grow revenue – all while reducing workloads.


To learn more about how this children’s hospital increased monthly revenue without changing scan volume, read the success story.

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Connect your ultrasound reporting and EHR today to optimize performance

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Seamless Implementation

Ensure historical data is migrated, custom-built templates are pre-loaded, and staff are trained for a successful partnership.

Streamlined Billing

Drop billing codes directly into your EHR with an optimized integration.

Reduce Workloads

Reduce documentation time and accuracy of diagnosis to meet the growing demand for care.

“After implementing AS, our monthly revenue increased without changing scan volume. This led us to audit charges from the past six months, where we recovered over half a million dollars in missed charges. Now, we have confidence in billing accuracy because we don’t have to go between GE ViewPoint and Epic to drop charges anymore.”

Director of Ultrasound
Leading National Children’s Hospital