Author: Nasrin Benion, MBA, RDMS

The 2023 Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) 42nd Annual Pregnancy Meeting was a great opportunity to exchange ideas, new science, and successes in Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM).  

We enjoyed the opportunity to meet leaders, friends, and partners in MFM and were able to hear what was on everyone’s minds in the world of ultrasound and reporting systems for the upcoming year.  

Here are some of our key takeaways from the top topics that were trending at the event: 

Bringing Practice Insights to Life with Integrated Applications to Further Research and Measure Performance 

How can you uncover key trends in ultrasound and forecast for practice growth?  

A very creative solution was shared with us by a physician who uses the Microsoft Business Intelligence (Microsoft BI) tool in combination with the AS Software SQL Database. Microsoft BI analyzes “historical and current data and presents findings in intuitive visual formats … to transform raw data into easy-to-digest insights for everyone in the organization to use.”  

This application, combined with data flowing from AS Software, creates dashboards with data analytics for the practice across its multiple locations.  

They can use it to visualize patient volume, number of ultrasounds performed, completed reports by physician, and more to evaluate overall performance, and measure and plan for practice growth. Patient demographics, raw ultrasound data, and report findings are also used to capture case trends that inform research and aid in diagnosis. 

Using Cloud Technology to Drive Scalability 

How can you remove internal barriers to problem solving at your practice and alleviate IT burdens? 

When switching from local installations to a cloud-hosted solution, organizations greatly reduce burdens and responsibilities that are placed on internal IT teams. Now they have fewer technical issues, and updates, upgrades and fixes are addressed more rapidly by the technology vendor. 

Cutting out these barriers to prompt problem resolutions has really resonated with users who are finding less headaches and more efficiencies with a cloud-hosted system. 

Staying current with the most optimized reporting technology was an increasing priority for clinicians at this year’s SMFM meeting. And learning how to leverage your technology in new and creative ways is proving beneficial to clinicians and practice administration.  

We’re excited to continue developing features that deliver the most value for our customers and look forward to many more events with friends and peers in the industry!  

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Nasrin Benion, MBA, RDMS is the Director of Clinical Ultrasound Solutions and brings over 15 years of hands-on industry expertise to AS Software. 

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