What is an Ultrasound Automation Platform?
Enhance care with automated reporting, billing and image management through one enterprise ultrasound automation platform. Accessible anytime, anyplace.
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What Does an Ultrasound Automation Platform Offer?

Ultrasound Machine Agnostic

Ensure you get the maximum benefits from your machine investment, regardless of the manufacturer.

Ultrasound Machine Agnostic

Cloud-Based Application

Avoid the hassle of maintaining outdated systems without compromising performance.

Cloud-Based Application

HL7 Integrations

Integrate with each of your key systems, regardless of the vendor.

HL7 Integrations

Customer-Success Focused

Gain access to a team of experts that will train and support your team to ensure success.

Customer-Success Focused


Enhance Clinician Efficiency with Intelligent, Integrated Automation

In-Depth Integrations
Instant Report Generation
Report Generation
Optimal Billing Capture
Billing Capture
Structured Data
Auto-Completed Studies Key Communication Instant Data Access

Say goodbye to the complexities of report generation

Leverage custom report actions and the AS Software Automated Dictionary to standardize your reporting and finalize reports with minimal clicks.

Communicate across disparate systems

Eliminate duplicate data entry with a single application. The HL7 integration engine integrates with any system on an open, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agnostic platform.

Navigate ultrasound data with ease

With the friendly query builder and web-based application, your data and images are accessible anywhere, anytime.

Ultrasound’s Only Cloud Automation Solution
✓ High Performance

Ensure that your system is always equipped with the latest features, enhancing flexibility and productivity.

✓ Future-Ready

Adapt quickly to changing needs and tech advancements, seamlessly incorporating new tools and recommendations as they emerge.

✓ Near-Zero IT Costs

Eliminate the need for costly hardware upgrades and maintenance, reducing overhead and optimizing budget allocation.

Reduce the tasks needed to complete a study by 50%


Patient Throughput




Duplicate Data Entry


Anywhere Instantly

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