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Dr. Michael Ruma, MD, MPH, FACOG is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist for Perinatal Associates of New Mexico, a leader in outstanding high-risk pregnancy care. Watch as he shares how AS Software helped his practice grow and thrive while saving valuable time previously spent on ultrasound documentation.  


Without an automated ultrasound reporting system in use, clinicians at Perinatal Associates of New Mexico were limiting time with patients to manually type ultrasound reports and locally print them. The inefficient ultrasound documentation process was a large time burden hindering growth at the practice. 


Dr. Ruma engaged AS Software to help drive efficiency by automating and organizing the reporting and review process: 

  • Allowing all images to be easily accessed remotely, from anywhere in the world 
  • Efficiently creating high-quality, succinct reports for referring providers that are easy to read 
  • Quickly faxing and sending information through integration with Greenway EHR

“A dramatic amount of growth happened over the last decade because AS Software allows us to be highly efficient and organized, with great connectivity to electronic medical records.”
Dr. Michael Ruma
President, Perinatal Associates of New Mexico


AS Software automation reduced the time to create a report from 5-7 minutes to 30-60 seconds, allowing the practice to grow, see more patients, and open additional offices and satellite sites. Over just the first year, the practice was able to increase study volume while decreasing documentation time by 86%*. 

*This percentage is determined conservatively by taking the higher end of the initial timeframe—7 minutes, or 420 seconds—and comparing it to the higher end of the post-automation time of 60 seconds. By subtracting the post-automation time from the pre-automation time, dividing by the pre-automation time, and multiplying by 100, we find that each report now takes 360 seconds less to complete, multiplying savings across each report and significantly increasing the practice’s efficiency.

Learn more about reducing ultrasound documentation time with automation: Get a Demo