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Cloud ultrasound reporting and image management from AS Software is eliminates the need for expensive IT infrastructure and server upgrades. The automated technology is uniquely built to give sonographers and physicians the ability to work from anywhere, anytime; access ultrasound studies quickly; and create more detailed, quality reports in less time, with less effort.

Innovative accessibility

Advanced data security

Quicker deployment

Increased efficiency

Cost Effectiveness

Enhanced collaboration

  • Reduce the risk of downtime and data breaches
  • Ensure compliance with healthcare regulations
  • Eliminate the need for expensive IT infrastructure
  • Streamline the reporting process and access studies on-th-go
  • Eliminate budget requests when adding headcount
  • Eliminate the need for server upgrades
  • Remove licensing costs
  • Reduce system maintenance
  • Eliminate storage migration
  • Fewer IT burdens
  • Rapid feature updates
  • Eliminate workstation installations and transfers
  • Improve scalability — add new sites in hours, not days

Dr. Michael Ruma, MD, MPH, FACOG is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist for Perinatal Associates of New Mexico, a leader in outstanding high-risk pregnancy care. Watch as he shares how AS Software helped his practice grow and thrive while saving valuable time previously spent on ultrasound documentation.  


Without an automated ultrasound reporting system in use, clinicians at Perinatal Associates of New Mexico were limiting time with patients to manually type ultrasound reports and locally print them. The inefficient ultrasound documentation process was a large time burden hindering growth at the practice. 


Dr. Ruma engaged AS Software to help drive efficiency by automating and organizing the reporting and review process: 

  • Allowing all images to be easily accessed remotely, from anywhere in the world 
  • Efficiently creating high-quality, succinct reports for referring providers that are easy to read 
  • Quickly faxing and sending information through integration with Greenway EHR

“A dramatic amount of growth happened over the last decade because AS Software allows us to be highly efficient and organized, with great connectivity to electronic medical records.”
Dr. Michael Ruma
President, Perinatal Associates of New Mexico


AS Software automation reduced the time to create a report from 5-7 minutes to 30-60 seconds, allowing the practice to grow, see more patients, and open additional offices and satellite sites. Over just the first year, the practice was able to increase study volume while decreasing documentation time by 86%*. 

*This percentage is determined conservatively by taking the higher end of the initial timeframe—7 minutes, or 420 seconds—and comparing it to the higher end of the post-automation time of 60 seconds. By subtracting the post-automation time from the pre-automation time, dividing by the pre-automation time, and multiplying by 100, we find that each report now takes 360 seconds less to complete, multiplying savings across each report and significantly increasing the practice’s efficiency.

Learn more about reducing ultrasound documentation time with automation: Get a Demo 

  • Reducing errors and liability with automated, intuitive features
  • Increasing referrals and patient volume with easy-to-generate, comprehensive reports
  • Improving employee satisfaction and retention with better collaboration and communication

  • Standardized documentation made simple
  • Faster report completion and quicker access to information
  • Automate key terms and actions with custom dictionaries and templates
  • Intelligent data mining and statistical analysis
  • Comprehensive library of custom reports
  • Easy data entry and review
  • Vendor-neutral interfaces built with ease across modalities
  • Download the info sheet to learn more about our tailored, centralized reporting platform designed for OBGYN, MFM, Vascular, and General Ultrasound departments.
  • Easy-to-read, structure format links directly to ultrasound images
  • Unique interface removes endless toggling and multiple windows
  • Comprehensive DICOM image management
  • Auto-drop CPT and ICD-10 codes to satisfy orders and charges in your EHR
  • Improve charge reconciliation and reduce rejected insurance claims
  • Fast, reliable day-to-day support delivered on-demand
  • Detailed project coordination and implementation plans

Small to mid-size practices and labs

Large health systems and complex enterprises

Multi-site facilities

Video Captions:

“In healthcare’s complex ultrasound environment, providing quality care requires efficient technology that communicates effectively.

But there are many disparate workflows to navigate and connect for accurate ultrasound documentation and diagnosis.

To make the most of your investments, and to bridge the gap between departments, existing technology, and unstructured data, you need:

  • Reporting customized for your specialty
  • To seamlessly integrate with your environment
  • And reliably exchange data and images

So your team can remain focused on patient care.

With ultrasound reporting and image management solutions from AS Software, you can:

  • Access ultrasound images and reports anywhere, anytime;
  • Reduce the time it takes to make confident decisions, faster, with fewer clicks
  • Deliver the information that referring physicians need in an easy to read, standardized format
  • And increase reimbursements while ensuring billing accuracy

Empower your healthcare team and accelerate diagnostic imaging workflows with AS Software.”

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