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National Birth Defects Awareness Month

Learn more about National Birth Defects Awareness Month and the role of ultrasounds in prenatal screening and care.

January is National Birth Defects Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness for birth defects and their impact on the health and well-being of families, individuals, and parents.

Nearly 120,000 babies are affected by birth defects each year, which can occur during any stage of pregnancy. Birth defects are also a leading cause of infant mortality in the U.S., accounting for 1 in 5 infant deaths, and in the U.S. each year, the total hospital costs of children with birth defects exceed $2.6 billion. (

Screening and diagnostic ultrasounds are an important part of prenatal care, helping to provide diagnosis that allows families to make decisions and plan for the future.

Download and view an infographic on ultrasounds and National Birth Defects Awareness Month and view more resources below.

Resources for National Birth Defects Awareness Month

Data and Statistics on Birth Defects

Educational and Other Resources for Sharing

Birth Defects and Infant Disorders Resources

Awareness of Birth Defects Across the Lifespan

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