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Intermountain Health Saves Time with Ultrasound Reporting Automation

Intermountain Health is a not-for-profit system of 33 hospitals and 385 clinics delivering best-in-quality care. Dr. T. Flint Porter is the Director of Intermountain Health’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division. As Intermountain Health looked to unify their MFM operations under the direction of Dr. Porter, they uncovered that many challenges were caused by outdated technology. A more connected ultrasound reporting system was needed to serve the needs of a growing, modern MFM division. 


Frequent reporting crashes caused by an outdated ultrasound reporting system were creating challenges at Intermountain Health, including missed billings and workflow interruptions.  

The ultrasound reporting application that was included with their machine hardware was unreliable. Some offices even had to begin keeping paper copies of reports and images, costing them too much time and threatening the accuracy of data. 

The team needed a trusted solution that would adapt to their workflow and create consistency. 


With the implementation of AS Software ultrasound reporting and image management, Intermountain Health was able to create automated, seamless workflows.  

By customizing macros, AS Software was able to meet the unique needs and ever-changing guidelines of their MFM division. Billing processes were streamlined with automated coding directly from AS into the Oracle Cerner EHR, eliminating the need for manual data entry.  


“I can’t emphasize what a big deal the billing is to me. It makes me more efficient. I have a better lifestyle because I’m not charting until 7 p.m. AS is more efficient, the images are included. Before, we had the reporting system and the PACS system separate.”
Dr. T. Flint Porter
Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division
Intermountain Health

Additionally, recommendations were standardized within AS, ensuring consistency in patient care and preventing confusion among referring providers. 


Without the need to toggle between separate systems and complete manual tasks, the Intermountain Health sonographers and physicians can focus on patient care and ensure they are capturing and extracting accurate data. 

Now the MFM division has greater peace-of-mind knowing the AS Software system remains up-to-date, stable, and aligned with evolving best practices in the MFM field. 

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