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Reporting for General Ultrasound

As advanced as the imaging equipment is, and as highly trained as sonographers, radiologists, and reading physicians are — workflows are rather antiquated in most General Ultrasound facilities. Paper processes, hand-written worksheets, and manual measurement dictation create labor-intensive, error-prone workflows that can contribute to clinician burnout and affect patient care.

How can data automation help enhance workflows, without disrupting them?

There are many elements that make up a Radiologist’s day: CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds, interventional radiology, etc. AS Software creates a closed-loop workflow, integrating with current technology so clinicians can leverage automated data for improved ultrasound reports, without needing to leave their PACS worklist or navigate disparate platforms.

  • Measurements and data are available automatically in the report
  • HIPAA compliance and full audit trails included
  • Electronic worksheets instead of manual paper work

The result is a full report with all measurements and images included, charges satisfied in the EHR, and a better experience for sonographers and radiologists.

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