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Team Expert Spotlight: Senior Account Executive Derek DellaVecchia, RDMS, RDCS, RVT, RMSR   

From sonographer to sales, and why he took the leap. Derek DellaVecchia shares how he impacts the patient experience at AS Software.

You have a very experienced background in sonography, tell us about your career journey! 

“I’ve pretty much covered the whole gambit in ultrasound, in both shared services and hospital settings. I received Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) board registries in abdomen, vascular, OB/GYN, and adult echocardiography specialties and was able to work in departmental head positions in my career. “ 

“Currently, I serve on the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) Continuing Medical Education (CME) board review committee that vets products for continuing medical education for approval.” 

“About 9 years ago I decided to segue into a different ultrasound career path in sales.”  

What motivated that career transition? 

“I’ve enjoyed working with ultrasound equipment and reporting companies and representatives through the years, and I knew my personality would translate well. I’m definitely a people person and I enjoy the process of getting to know and interacting with people. It was a good fit where I can leverage all my clinical understanding.”  

“These folks spend their whole day, every day taking care of people. I love figuring out how we can help improve their day to day and understand what makes it better, so they can be better at their job and take care of patients.” 

How did you begin your relationship with AS Software initially as a clinician? 

“When I was running the ultrasound department for a rural state hospital in New Mexico, we made a collaborative deal with an MFM based out of Santa Fe. That’s when I was trained in AS Software and we began to use it at the hospital, so MFMs could read all our high-risk OB studies.“ 

“I decided to work for AS years later because as a previous user I really love and believe in the product. It’s the best product in the market and it’s easy to be excited about.” 

When you were a sonographer what were your favorites parts of the job and what were some of the biggest challenges? 

“My favorite part is that medicine is really like a puzzle. You have labs, clinical symptoms, history, etc. and when you put them together its predictive of what you expect to see before scanning. That whole complex puzzle is very interesting.” 

“When you have a part in work that is lifesaving, it’s also very rewarding. But the challenge is that when it’s not lifesaving, it can be very deflating. It’s also very tiring, and sonographers have busy days. With the physical exhaustion it can feel like you need to go to get a massage at the end of the day!”  

As a clinician, you want to spend time caring for patients, not making sure all the systems have the proper reporting for billing and making a million clicks. That’s why a system like AS that reduces these burdens is so beneficial and I feel so good about our impact. 

And tell us a little bit about yourself outside of your work! 

My family and I love the outdoors! Hiking, fishing, camping, any physical activity is great. I’ve also won a barbecue competition – for best pork butt!