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Building a Business Case for Healthcare Software | E-Book

When seeking approval on a new software solution to improve operational, financial, or clinical outcomes, a business case can help you gain executive support and guide your healthcare organization through the process of selecting, adopting, and adapting to proposed new technologies.


“A well-thought-out business case offers an opportunity for clinicians to bring about evidenced-based change in clinical practice. It is a powerful tool that can have a significant impact on healthcare services and patient outcomes … the role of a business case is to justify the need for change, argue its value, gain support from leadership, and illustrate how it can be sustainably implemented.”
British Journal of Hospital Medicine

A business case is a comprehensive document that outlines the justification for undertaking a particular project, purchase, initiative, or change within an organization. It serves as a tool for better decision-making, providing a structured and evidence-based rationale for investing resources, time, and effort.

Your business case should clearly communicate the potential benefits, risks, and costs associated with the proposed action, enabling stakeholders and decision-makers to make informed decisions.

Free Business Case Template
Need inspiration to get started? Use this template + examples for your new software justification.

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  • Engage key stakeholders and help them see the importance of the opportunity.
  • Help decision-makers understand why the chosen solution is superior and establish a framework for ongoing performance measurement.
  • Demonstrate financial implications and advantages.
  • Provide information on potential challenges and how they will be addressed throughout implementation and beyond.