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Structured Ultrasound Reporting Solution for Radiology
AS-RADIOLOGY™ delivers state-of-the-art structured ultrasound reporting designed for radiology. It is a scalable and robust solution utilizing a structured, clinical database to efficiently manage ultrasound information. AS-RADIOLOGY is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Utilize it as a stand-alone solution or fully integrate with your PACS and dictation systems to finalize your reports with embedded images in seconds. AS-RADIOLOGY is vendor neutral and compatible with all ultrasound equipment manufacturers. AS-RADIOLOGY seamlessly integrates with your health information systems (e.g., HIS, RIS and PACS) to enable interoperability across platforms. AS-RADIOLOGY will provide you with the tools to perform intelligent data mining and statistical analysis to support your practice management, accreditation reviews, academic presentations and research. AS-RADIOLOGY will streamline your ultrasound reporting workflows to maximize productivity and enhance patient care to deal with today's healthcare challenges.

Simple and Uniquely Intuitive User Interface
AS-RADIOLOGY offers an intuitive user interface that is both logical and simple to use. You do not have to be computer literate to use and administer the AS-RADIOLOGY system. Generate comprehensive, structured reports without having to dictate a complete narrative detailing each procedure, indication, code and measurement. Review reports prepared in an easy-to-read, structured format that is linked directly to the ultrasound images. Our User Interface will allow you to easily compare today's findings and measurements with previous studies, reduce or limit dictation to your impressions and finalize reports with just a few clicks of a mouse. AS-RADIOLOGY will streamline your ultrasound reporting processes and administration, reduce dictation and transcription of narratives, and enhance communication with referring physicians by enabling you to provide comprehensive, structured reports.

Customizable to Meet Your Needs
AS-RADIOLOGY is a configurable solution that emulates the workflow of reporting and image management in radiology practices. Our technology will enable you to: configure default values and define your standard terminology throughout the system; define protocols for normal and abnormal findings; use your preferred references for normal ranges and percentiles; automatically generate impressions and recommendations utilizing pre-defined templates and built-in macros that format your current exam findings to minimize or eliminate the time spent on dictation and transcription.

Efficient Management of Ultrasound Information & Images
AS-RADIOLOGY provides the tools to streamline the management of your ultrasound information and images. AS-RADIOLOGY will enable you to remotely review, modify, and electronically sign your finalized ultrasound reports. AS-RADIOLOGY will enable you to automatically fax your report, including embedded images, to your referring physicians, while simultaneously transmitting a copy to your healthcare information systems (e.g., HIS, RIS, PACS, EHR and EMR) for storage.

Create Comprehensive Ultrasound Reports in Seconds
AS-RADIOLOGY enables you to create comprehensive, structured ultrasound reports and consultation letters in seconds. By communicating directly with your ultrasound modalities, AS-RADIOLOGY will automatically transfer measurements for inclusion in your finished report. In addition, AS-RADIOLOGY will automatically incorporate CPT and ICD codes when you document procedures, indications, and diagnoses. Use AS-RADIOLOGY to quickly generate professional reports that include clinical data, coded terminology, measurements, annotations, impressions and ultrasound images collected during imaging procedures (e.g., abdominal, aorta, aortic aneurysm, breast, neonatal head, OB/GYN, pelvis - female, pelvis - male, renal - adult, renal - pediatric, scrotum, and thyroid). AS-RADIOLOGY will automatically transfer measurements directly from your ultrasound modalities. Electronically sign and automatically distribute to your referring physicians and designated health information systems. AS-RADIOLOGY is your tool to create comprehensive, uniform ultrasound reports in seconds and provide proper documentation to protect your practice and increase your reimbursements.

Intelligent Data Mining & Statistical Analysis
AS-RADIOLOGY is built on a robust, relational SQL database and provides the tools necessary for capturing data in a uniform, easily extracted format for intelligent data mining and statistical analysis in support of your practice management, accreditation reviews, academic presentations and research. Use the statistical summaries module for your daily administrative reporting needs. Use our "Friendly Query Builder" to easily extract your data without being an expert in computer programming and database structures. AS-RADIOLOGY comes packaged with a comprehensive library of pre-defined, customizable reports to help you analyze your data. Our export module allows you to export your data to other systems (e.g., Access®, Excel®, Crystal® reports, or PowerPoint®).

Scalable Systems for Today's Healthcare Demands
AS-RADIOLOGY has been developed to be a scalable and robust reporting solution with integrated DICOM image management to satisfy the needs of radiology practices for easily storing, retrieving and transmitting reports. We provide ultrasound reporting and image management solutions to a wide variety of organizations. It does not matter if you are a small to mid-sized single office practice, a multi-site imaging facility, or a complex healthcare enterprise with radiology departments located in multiple sites, our solution is designed to integrate with your healthcare information systems, interface with your ultrasound modalities and scale with your organizational needs. AS Software collaborates with its clients and continually invests in the development of solutions to meet the changing needs of today's healthcare professionals.

Specializing in Integrated Healthcare Information Solutions
AS-RADIOLOGY is a configurable solution to meet your organization's need for interoperability. Our technology integrates seamlessly with your healthcare information systems to exchange information across platforms (e.g., HIS, RIS, PACS, EHR and EMR). Use it as a stand-alone solution or fully integrate with your PACS and dictation systems. We have extensive experience building complex, vendor-neutral interfaces. Unlike other software providers, our in-house expertise allows us to build, deliver and maintain our own interfaces that are scalable, robust and compliant with DICOM & HL7 standards.

Our staff of skilled technical engineers is available to configure, implement and provide support for our systems and interfaces, eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors.

Seamless PACS Integration
AS-RADIOLOGY provides the tools for seamless PACS integration and efficient ultrasound image storage. Seamlessly integrate utilizing API/XML plug-ins, DICOM query and DICOM send to retrieve and transmit your imaging reports. This completely configurable system allows you to efficiently manage short-term storage utilizing local storage, NAS, or SAN, and long-term storage utilizing your hospital or enterprise PACS.

Seamless Ultrasound Modality Integration
AS-RADIOLOGY is vendor neutral and compatible with all ultrasound equipment manufacturers. It is fully DICOM compliant and supports single-frame, cine loops and 3D/4D/5D volumes. Use DICOM modality work lists to upload scheduled patient data to your ultrasound machine. Automatically download ultrasound measurements via DICOM-SR or offline serial/parallel/USB communication. AS-RADIOLOGY provides a fully integrated solution that streamlines ultrasound image reporting processes for radiology practices.

Proven Implementation, Training & Customer Support
For over two decades AS Software has delivered ultrasound reporting and image management solutions. Building on our history of success, we are focused on delivering your reporting and workflow solution through seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure. Our project manager will coordinate with your IT team and provide a detailed project plan that includes installation, on-site training, and support for 'Go Live'. AS Software is committed to meeting your timeline and exceeding your expectations. When contacting AS Software, you will be assisted by trained and knowledgeable technical engineers capable of delivering timely resolutions. Superior customer support is not only AS Software's commitment, it is the cornerstone of our relationship with clients. To learn more, please click here to see what your colleagues have to say about us.

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