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Solution for Perinatology

AS-PERINATAL™ EMR delivers a state-of-the-art electronic medical record (EMR) solution uniquely designed for perinatal care. It is intuitive, easy to use and emulates a perinatal workflow, facilitating complete clinical documentation and decision support at the point-of-care. AS-PERINATAL utilizes a structured, clinical database to efficiently manage electronic patient records and incorporates our ultrasound reporting and image management system, offering a total EMR solution for MFM. It integrates seamlessly with your healthcare information systems to enable interoperability across platforms. The AS-PERINATAL EMR solution will provide the tools to create a paperless environment, improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance delivery of perinatal care.

Intuitive and Easy to Use Perinatal EMR Solution
AS-PERINATAL is an intuitive and easy to use perinatal EMR solution, unlike any other. It will free your practice from the limitations of paper charts and enable you to leverage technology for improved, consistent and efficient patient record management.

Structured, Easy-to-Read Patient Information
AS-PERINATAL will present your patient information in a structured format organized chronologically. The information will be legible and easy-to-read. Each patient record will include a cover sheet providing you a summary at a glance:

  • Basic Demographic Information
  • OB Hx
  • Problem List that includes Problem Follow-up, Medications, and Allergies
  • Past Pregnancies
  • Summary of Vital Signs
  • Summary of Allergies
  • Summary of Order(s) and Treatment Plan(s)
  • Effortlessly Manage Patient Information
    AS-PERINATAL is a patient-centric EMR solution enabling you to effortlessly create or retrieve a patient record with just a few clicks of a mouse. Collect data in various formats (e.g., free text, formatted text, numeric, images and scanned documents) for a comprehensive patient record.

    Access Patient Information From Virtually Anywhere AS-PERINATAL facilitates the exchange of information throughout your practice and eliminates the problems associated with lost or misplaced charts. AS-PERINATAL utilizes a centralized database allowing multiple care providers access to patient information from virtually anywhere.

    A Configurable EMR Solution
    AS-PERINATAL is a configurable EMR solution enabling you to utilize pre-defined templates with built-in macros based on your current exam findings to document past medical history, encounters, ultrasound reports and consultation letters. Use your standard medical terminology for populating data fields and creating uniform patient records. AS-PERINATAL will streamline your data entry, reduce errors and improve communication among healthcare providers, allowing for better delivery of care.

    Increase Reimbursements
    AS-PERINATAL enables MFM practices to increase reimbursements by eliminating manual reviews of coding uncertainties and defensive down-coding. Document the appropriate ICD and CPT codes at the same time as documenting your patient visit to provide comprehensive support for claims and increase reimbursements.

    Total EMR Solution for MFM
    AS-PERINATAL integrates seamlessly with our AS-OBGYN™ ultrasound reporting & image management solution, providing a total EMR solution for MFM.

    Intelligent Data Mining & Statistical Analysis
    AS-PERINATAL is built on a robust, relational SQL database and provides the tools necessary for intelligent data mining and statistical analysis in support of your practice management, accreditation reviews, and research & publication projects. Use the statistical summaries module for your daily administrative reporting needs. Use our export module to export your data to other systems (e.g., Access®, Excel®, Crystal® reports, or PowerPoint®).

    Specializing in Integrated Healthcare Information Solutions
    AS-PERINATAL is a configurable EMR solution to meet your organization's need for interoperability. Our technology integrates seamlessly with your healthcare information systems to exchange information across platforms. For your ultrasound reporting and image management needs, AS-PERINATAL EMR solution interconnects with our AS-OBGYN solution for structured ultrasound reporting and image management. Effortlessly review ultrasound images and generate comprehensive OB reports without endlessly toggling and jumping between multiple applications.

    Our expertise allows us to build, customize and maintain our own interfaces for maximum interoperability. Our skilled technical engineers are available to configure, implement and provide support for our applications and interfaces, eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors.

    Successful Implementations, Training & Customer Support
    For more than two decades, AS Software has delivered more than just software. We have delivered successful implementations of solutions, trained clients and provided superior customer support. AS Software has mastered the implementation of its applications and interfaces and worked with its clients to realize the benefits of adopting new technology. To get started, our project manager will coordinate with your IT team and provide a detailed project plan that includes installation, on-site training, and support for 'Go Live'. AS Software is committed to meeting your time lines and exceeding your expectations.

    When contacting AS Software, you will be assisted by trained and knowledgeable technical engineers capable of delivering timely resolutions. Superior customer support is not only AS Software's commitment, it is the cornerstone of our relationship with clients. To learn more, please click here for our Client Testimonials.

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